Welcome to our school.

  Our school was granted to be established in 1993. Mr.Chen-Shang-Bei, the principal of Dongshan junior high school was the director of the preparatory of our school. After 2 years of construction. In 1995, Mr. Huang-Jun-Weng was the principal. He started the programs and admissions in 1997. We had 13 classes, 535 students, and 37 employees at that time. And now we have 42 classes, 1312 students, and about 100 employees.

  The school was first located in a place called San-Guang nursery garden. So, that's the name of our school. And there is a very very huge tree in our school: THE KAPOK(White Silk-cotton Tree). It was the only saved plant in the nursery garden at that time, and now the garden becomes to a school.

  Like gardeners plant their plants, we hope that teachers here could make their best to assist children to be an honest, diligent man, have compassion for others in need, and can do something right with perseverance. And, that will lead our students to be successful in their life. That's our purpose of education.